About Us

MetaPhy Health partners with gastroenterology practices to provide chronic care management services to their patient populations. Through this partnership, physicians can provide patients with a safe, cost-friendly way to identify and measure the severity of their chronic conditions. Additionally, those patients suffering from two or more chronic conditions are offered disease management services delivered via telemedicine and designed to encourage a healthier lifestyle for long-term results.

Our Mission
Empowering Our People to deliver an Exceptional Experience to our patients and physicians through Virtual Care Services.

Our Values
At MetaPhy we continually STRIVE to be personal, STRIVE to be excellent, and STRIVE to be impactful. We pride ourselves on providing a uniquely personal experience for Our People, and we have made a firm commitment to continual growth and excellence, both internally and externally.

Service: Doing well for others
rust: Establishing real, personal, authentic relationships
esponsibility: Holding ourselves accountable
ntegrity: Doing what we say we’ll do
alue: Delivering premium quality care 
xcellence: Exceeding your expectations through our unique care approach

In conjunction with the physician and the patient, MetaPhy Health will prepare and implement a comprehensive telemedicine treatment plan focused on patient education, as well as dietary and medical concerns and behavioral challenges. Our clinical staff uses our technology platform to provide daily, weekly, and monthly interactions, improving patient engagement, experience, and outcomes. With this additional level of care, we can document and report medical information and treatment progress, empowering the physician to stay connected to a patient like never before.

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