MetaPhy Health Launches Proprietary Patient Engagement Tracking Tool

MetaPhy Health recently launched MetaTRACK, an internal tool to help identify, engage, and enroll patients in their chronic care management program that they provide on behalf of GI practices across the country. This proprietary tool was developed internally after much research into and refinement of the ideal patient recruitment process. Once a practice’s patient data is uploaded into the system, MetaTRACK allows users to track the various forms of communication with the patient, the specific outreach attempts, and each individual touchpoint. MetaTRACK is also able to provide reports on outcomes and overall trends in order for the MetaPhy team to identify and continuously refine the best methods for successfully engaging and enrolling these patients. “The Technology Team has done a phenomenal job of understanding the needs of the company and building a tool around those needs in order for us to make our patient recruitment process incredibly efficient and effective,” said Chris Poole, Executive Vice President and CFO of MetaPhy. “The value that our MetaTRACK system brings to our platform, and in turn to our physician partners, is tremendous. We have seen our patient recruitment numbers increase significantly after implementing MetaTRACK.”

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