MetaPhy Health Partners with Mississippi’s TrustCare Heart

MetaPhy Health is pleased to announce its partnership with TrustCare Health’s cardiology specialty clinic, TrustCare Heart. “We are very excited to bring on our first practice in the cardiology space,” said Chris Oubre, Chief Operating Officer at MetaPhy. “After taking a deeper dive into TrustCare and getting a better understanding of how they manage patients’ conditions, we realized that there was a significant amount of synergy with our existing platform.” Philip Coburn, Chief Operating Office of TrustCare Health, added, “I heard firsthand about the positive things that MetaPhy was doing and what a difference their program made in the lives of patients. After meeting the team and really understanding the additional health benefits we could offer our patients through this program, we were confident that MetaPhy would be a great partner for us.”

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