MetaPhy Health Works to Modernize Data & Analytics

MetaPhy has built a very powerful internal resource over the last year comprised of Mundhavni Cheema, Business Analyst, and Suhasini Pallai, Data Scientist. From data analysis and data flow management to dashboard building and the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process, Mundhavni and Suhasini are primarily focused on analyzing data from multiple sources that help the business make data-driven decisions. The internal tools and processes they have built allow the company to be more informed, more efficient, and overall more successful. MetaPhy has recognized a significant shift over the last year in the team’s ability to not just retrieve data by integrating various systems, but to truly understand the underlying needs of the business and automate a multitude of internal processes to address those needs. As such, the company has renamed its internal Data Team to the Business Intelligence Team in order to better reflect Mundhavni and Suhasini’s ability to transform raw data into meaningful information.

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